Want Vs Need

I’ve always loved the state fair.
The crowds.
The lights.
The smell of fried sweets in the air.
All of it is bittersweet
Without you here.
Young couples
Are in love
I smile at them
It would have been us.
But I’m here with someone else,
Someone who doesn’t define me
By the week that you define me by.
He knows I’m worth more than
My worst moments
He looks at me
The way you did
Before I hurt you.
But I don’t want him…
I want you…
I want you…
I didn’t mean to hurt you.
I take a big sip of my
Twenty six dollar adult slushie
Take a selfie with a goat
Tell myself I’m having fun.
Look up at the couples
With their feet dangling
From the sky ride…
Shouldn’t it be us?
How do you not feel
The whole world ripping apart
At the injustice of us
Not being together?
How do you not feel it?
Cause it’s blinding me,
It’s all I can see,
And I want you,
And I want you.

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