Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

It’s 2013
And we’re going to Vegas
For our anniversary
He says it will be
The trip of our dreams
And even hints at
An engagement ring

I tell him I can’t wait to see
The Yellow Brick Road again.
It was my favorite attraction
At the MGM Grand
When I was a little girl.

He asks me what I’m talking about
He doesn’t remember an Emerald City
From his visit last year,
But I swear, it was here!
We walk all over the first few floors
But can’t find a trace of it.
We realize that they must have remodeled,
And gotten rid of that attraction.

So, he asks if I’m ready
To go and meet his friends
Who are here this week, too
Nervously, I say yes.
We go upstairs to party.

After a bit,
One of his friends
Wants to go play poker with “just the boys”
But one of the boys doesn’t want to go.
He says he’ll stay, and take care of me
And I want to ask my boyfriend not to leave me alone
With this other man who I don’t even know

Timidly, I ask him not to go yet
He looks at me as if I’m being dramatic
And asks, can’t I take care of myself?
This is a nice man,
And he’ll be back soon
With a late night snack

I’m actually too intoxicated,
Too half-baked
To take care of myself, but
I don’t want to be argumentative
When he paid for this whole trip.
Plus, I want to show him
That I trust him.

The door closes behind him
I am left alone with a wolf
With a smile on his face
Whose eyes say
He’s about to eat me alive

The wolf devours me
As wolves do

But I escape reality

My body in the hotel room, with him
My mind and soul on the Yellow Brick Road

It’s 1993
My sisters run along
The Yellow Brick Road
Right in front of me
I think I can even
Hear someone scream

We giggle and cry,
Lions, and tigers, and bears,
Oh, my!
I can see
The scenery around me
Very clearly

The Yellow Brick Road is lush
We are surrounded by poppies
Before passing through the apple orchard
And then the haunted forest.

“Hey,” grunts the wolf,
“Are you gonna tell on me?”
I flash back to

Naked, wounded, and alone
In a Las Vegas hotel room
With a man I don’t know
Not feeling like a little
Girl, anymore.

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

I wrote this poem for today’s poetry challenge by Lillian at dVerse – Poets Pub. The challenge was to write a poem using at least one of 16 Ben and Jerry’s flavors.

I used the names of the flavors Half Baked, Late Night Snack, and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road in my poem.


14 thoughts on “Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

  1. I hope this is not memoir poetry….for any woman who has suffered through this, my heart aches. The naivety of childhood cannot erase the pain that comes through in this poem. Writing gives witness . . . and that is good.
    Difficult to read. . . far too true for too many. Some who read will identify with this and perhaps it will enable them to bear witness as well.
    Thank you for posting.


  2. This is so tragic. Beautifully written tale of a horrid situation. My heart breaks for her (like Lillian, I hope it is not a memoir).


  3. I like how you broke this up into sections and flashed back and forth. You’ve diagrammed the dynamic perfectly of how the monsters steal our bodies and so much more. I pray this is fictional. Excellent poetry on a chilling subject. Welcome to dVerse. Hope to see you here again.


  4. I feel the weight of this, and such a metaphor for so many young women- innocently chasing the yellow brick road and ending up shattered.


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