Cold Feet

Waiting to feel safe with you
You seem to be just right
Right like all the other men
Men who left me by day light

I try to hide my insecurities
Insecurities might spoil things
Things that work out for almost everyone
Everyone else wears wedding rings

You’re adorable, but I’m silent
Silent because I don’t know how to express
Express that I want you, but I’m terrified
Terrified I can’t live up to this white dress

This poem was written in response to the following two prompts:

Poetry prompt from dVerse: Write a loop poem. A loop poem follows the rhyming scheme abcb, and the last word of each line becomes the first word of the next line, and so on, throughout each stanza.

Poetry prompt from The Skeptic’s Kaddish: Write a response poem to the prompt poem. It must contain no more than 12 lines, and the word “waiting.”

The prompt poem:

‘Waiting for the dark’ by A. J. Wilson

the secret of loving you, is not to allow
that invisible flame to burn too fiercely
so only I can feel the heat,
and the flicker of longed-for pain,
you say I'm 'adorable', in a matter of fact way
looking into the mirror, combing your hair
your reflection knows the reality
which is why we feel miles apart
spinning intoxicated into oblivion
tripping over cooling embers
dancing into forgetfulness
waiting for the dark

26 thoughts on “Cold Feet

  1. hi, Sylvia!

    Mazal tov for being selected as this week’s W3 poet-of-the-week!

    could you please email me at dvdbgmlny AT gmail DOT com at your earliest convenience?

    This poem of yours (“Cold Feet”) will be our W3 “prompt poem” this week, and now we just need one or two poetry guidelines from you for others to respond to.

    Thanks so much in advance,
    David [ben Alexander]

    Natural English, or: Sidespin

    Liked by 1 person

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