If this pain doesn’t stop
I will call the damn cops
Are there even words to express
How I got into this mess

If no one loves me back
I’ll have a heart attack
Haven’t I been through enough pain?
I don’t want to feel insane

Why am I not enough?
Don’t I have the right stuff?
I tried to do everything right
You say you don’t wanna fight

I’m trying to hold on
But life feels like a con
Like I’m broken and don’t belong
I don’t think I can be strong

I don’t know if there is a name for this form. I just happened to write the first verse in 6-6-8-7-3 aabbc, and then repeated the pattern.

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  1. This is so sad, Sylvia… Beautifully written, but sad 😦

    Much love,

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  2. K.Hartless says:

    Pain anxiety it does snowball. I’ve been at the bottom of it and I know the feeling. 💜

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    1. Very true. Seems to be affecting a lot of people lately. I was feeling it when I wrote it, but writing usually helps some, or at least helps with the processing. I hope you’re doing well ❤

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      1. K.Hartless says:

        Thank you. My stress is on defcon 5, but it’s all things that will pass. I’m hanging in there. Thank you for asking.💜

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