Flashback Friday

Fandango’s Flashback Friday prompt is to re-post something that you posted on or about this time last year.

I felt drawn to participate, even though I was not active on WordPress this time last year.

Therefore, I’ve turned to one of my fancy hard-covered journals, and dug up a flashback that I wrote about around this time last year.


There’s so much money to be made
By this country club fat-phobia.
My friend thought I was joking when I said
My tips increase by one percent
For every pound I lose.
If anything, that’s an underestimate.
Fat girls don’t get paid here.
A waist over 25 inches
Is already too well-fed
And the woman inside of it
Doesn’t need any more money,
If you ask these men.

Last summer, we had a contest to see
Who could sell the most dessert at lunch.
Without invitation, I brought out the tray,
And my guest ordered
A slice of chocolate cake
With the sweetest gleam of excitement
In her eyes.

“I don’t think that’s on the
Weight Watcher’s Diet, honey,”
Interjected her husband.
A tear dribbled down her cheek
As she quietly reminded him,
“But, it’s my birthday.”

He waved me away,
And I left her alone with him,
So furiously dizzy,
I could barely handle my tray.

That I’m exercising again
And I’ve lost so much weight
It’s scary in ways
I can barely articulate.
Beauty has begun to feel
I want to be pretty;
Everyone wants to be pretty, but

I don’t want
To need to stay pretty
In order to be loved
To be enough
To feel okay
Like the wives at the country club

Photo credits: Unsplash

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