photo by Nappy, Pexels

Blatant bold-faced lie
“I just need to be alone”
Five minutes later
I’m flirting with someone else
Thinking, he’s so hot
Making sure to play it calm
(Wish I had with you)
Lust punches me in the gut
Chased by sudden guilt
Telling myself it’s okay
I’m sure you’ve moved on
Perhaps this firefighter
Can help me get over you

This was originally going to be my poem for today’s dVerse prompt (quadrille using the word punch), but turned into a choka instead.

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  1. Ron. says:

    Chokalicious. Five and seven are two of my favorite syllable counts. Shadorma’s always fun, but I admit: I’m addicted to Sevenling

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  2. Nice. Great photo too!

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