Humpty’s Side of the Story

Humpty had been depressed all Fall
The Queen had stopped
Returning his calls
Their summer romance
And her silky skin
Occupied his

Humpty just could not cope at all
So one day he
Leapt off a wall
All the Queen's secrets
And all the Queen's sins
Would fall with Humpty
And die with him

Written for The Procrastinators Weekly Writing Prompt: write an alternative rhyme for Humpty Dumpty


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  1. ivor20 says:

    Poor Humpty …

    Tell Humpty Dumpty

    I’m feelin’ groovy
    Without reeling
    Like a soft shoe shuffle
    Floating on air
    Without a stumble
    No crumbling or tumbling
    Tell Humpty Dumpty
    To hold the horses
    And the walking soldiers
    I’ve found my extra pieces
    On the other side of the fence
    I’ve fallen on my feet
    Like a cat with nine lives
    Lucky as a four-leaf clover
    Like a minstrel boy and his violin lover

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  2. I’m guessing the King and his men refused to put Humpty back together again. Grim, darkly humorous re-telling. I loved it!

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    1. They came to his aid, having no idea why he had fallen 😂

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  3. Sadje says:

    Hilarious yet sad poem

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  4. Thank you, Sadje 💜


  5. brittabenson says:

    I love your retelling of Humpty Dumpty, Sylvia. Poor guy! After reading your poem, I think, he’s had a story or two to tell (and also quite a few secrets to spill?) and I would really like to read his side of events!

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    1. Thank you, Britta! I was thinking along the same lines when I wrote this. After I hit publish, I ended up reading more about Humpty Dumpty, and found out it was actually the name of a canon! But I would still prefer to imagine him as a heartbroken egg 🙂

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