Heartbreak Anniversary

When I was 22, I cheated, sort of. At least, he said I did. Look, I tried as hard as I could. I knew I wasn’t attracted to him… But everyone says not to be shallow And that if you care about someone enough Desire will naturally follow That you can never go wrong If…

Sorry, Ho

“Sorry,” she texts meAs if she’d been meanBut, sorry could meanA million different things “I had to get paid.”As if getting paidWere an unethical actMeriting guilt “I’ll be back to functioning in a sec”And my stomach churnsAs I realizeWhat she’s implying “I’m so out of it right now”How much of her paycheckGoes towardsLeaving her body?…

Look Alive, Barbie

It’s gotten so darkHere in my heartBut it would be a sinTo turn out my own lights People say it would hurt themIf I hurt meTo stop hurtingSo I keep hurting for them, I guess There are rules, you knowExist exactly enoughFlow like a fountainWith a well-concealed drain No matter how much painYou’re in you…


1. My older sisters were both track and cross country stars before I was even old enough to run. Once I was old enough, I ran all over the Mojave desert, too. Why is it that, as adults, I am the only one of us who runs? 2. I can feel the blonde cop, the…

Acrostic Meditation

MemoriesEvoked from the Distance drown meI inhaleTo a slow countAs I imagine eachTerror floating awayIntoOblivion, voiding myNascent mind Form: Acrostic Inspired by W3 Prompt #55 Wea’ve Written Weekly by the Skeptic’s Kaddish, in response to Punam’s prompt:

Waterfall of Stars

Midnight rainbow lightsLower Yosemite FallHe calls it “moonbow” Written for May 2023 Poetry Challenge by Rebecca Cunningham at Fake Flamenco


DepressedLaying downBlackout curtains drawnTraveling through old memoriesParalyzed BicycleFlies downhillSerotonin buzz hitsGlad I forced myselfOutside Form: Elfchen (Elevenie) Written for W3 Prompt #54 by The Skeptic’s Kaddish Prompt guidelines by Sadje:

Exercise? Answering Today’s Prompt

What’s the most fun way to exercise? Babe, you look so hot in this light But you’d look even better With your face between my thighs Take a deep breath Dive in for a while Use your mouth to Make my hips rise I’m in the mood for “exercise”

26 Miles to Pretty

1. Her inner beauty was contagious, but so were his ugly demons. 2. When people compliment my makeup skills, I feel secretly ugly. 3. I felt so much prettier after spending time with you than with him. 4. Emotional abuse took a negative toll on my self-esteem. 5. Single, caked in sweat and grime, we…

Spring Fling

Hope is in the airThis first week of springLet’s play truth or dare My whole body feels your stareBet we’re thinking the same thingHope is in the air Daydreaming we shareA wild spring-time flingLet’s play truth or dare Study my derriere The way my hips swingHope is in the air Pretending not to carePulling my…