Balmy Alley

My entry for Thursday Doors: Some of my favorite door murals from Balmy Alley and Calle 24 in San Francisco. I love Calle 24. It’s easy to spend a whole day there. It’s like its own little city within the city.

PPAC Sacramento II

Post created for the prompt: Photographing Public Art Challenge The first few photos are updates on photos I posted last week. The rest are new. Each photo is followed by a brief description for the visually impaired. In last week’s PPAC Sacramento post, I shared a picture of this Starfighter mural by Christina Angelina, in…

PPAC- Sacramento

All of these pictures were taken by me on my old phone (Galaxy J7) in 2019. Only the first one was edited. Each photo is followed by the name of the artist, and a brief description of the mural. Clicking on the name of the artist will take you to their personal web page or…

February 2020

Below are all of the pictures of public art that I happened to take on my last solo trip to San Francisco, in February 2020. Background: Dozens of ambulances, all perfectly lined up, headed down the freeway towards the hospital. My cousin and I had just finished cleaning up our Thanksgiving dinner, over which our…


Don’t worry about looking crazyMake your way into my paintingI can show you everythingFlowers, bees, fruiting treesCoyotes, chickadeesFresh sunny breezeParakeetsGoslingsWings BreatheColorsVividlyFall, summer, springWinter snow meltingBrand new blooms blossomingFern fronds, seeds, saplings, leaves, wreathesOn my side of realityTasting life is life’s only meaning Prompt: What do you see #145 #WDYS #WhatDoYouSee #nonet The prompt photo: