Saturday blog post

An unusually straight-forward title for me. I need a break from all the poetry, and a vent. This morning, I got up early to take the train to a yoga class downtown. Because the class is held in an outdoor area, in the middle of a large shopping center surrounded by restaurants and hotels, there…

Lady Slippers

Lady slipper orchids shiverYoung new hybrids thrive upriverConstruction cranes steal full sunPhotosynthesis stops, stunnedLight no longer deliveredBlooms yearn for life, yet witherLady slipper orchids shiverYoung new hybrids thrive upriver Written for Poetry Form: Octelle by dVerse


If this pain doesn’t stopI will call the damn copsAre there even words to expressHow I got into this messAnymore? If no one loves me backI’ll have a heart attackHaven’t I been through enough pain?I don’t want to feel insaneAnymore. Why am I not enough?Don’t I have the right stuff?I tried to do everything rightYou…


Recovery lostHopeless addiction to youIt’s become toxicYour stone walls poison my heartWhy can’t we communicate? Friends with benefitsDon’t want a relationshipBut how are we friends?We can’t get close or go outYou’re just borrowing my warmth I might find some peaceIf I could leave you aloneThis is killing meHow dare you drink up my loveWithout reciprocating…


3am feelings in poetic form (more ninettes): HeyMisterI miss youDo you miss me?Do we have to fight?It seems so dumbForgive meCome onPlease BabeAnswerTalk to meCome sit with meDon’t you get lonely?I want you hereSpend the nightMake upPeace Don’tBe madForeverIt’s not worth itWe could fall in loveUnless you lied?It felt realCome backTry