Would you like a balloon, my dear?Come closer, lots to seeDon’t be scared, don’t shed a tearExplore the underworld with me Come closer, lots to seeYour parents won’t be mad at youExplore the underworld with meThere’s nothing else round here to do Your parents won’t be mad at youCome see my sewer circusThere’s nothing else…


Frozen for so longBuried myself beneath hisForced cold toleranceMy heart knows we’ll melt againFor now I surviveAll my energy consumedTrying to get byBut if I try hard enoughThen I’ll rememberYour sweet laughter on the shore“Look, Mommy, watch me!”Starfish at your feetSuddenly those days feel robbedYou’ve been gone so longStill I hope there’s a futureTogether againImagine…


Thirty-seven on fifteenthOphelia haunts my dreamsCapable of her distressWillow branch, precariousHeart full of wasted sunlightDrowning in tears every nightIf she relies on HamletThen she’ll die full of regretTo think of swimming aloneChills her weakened lonesome bonesTorn from his warmth, confoundedEvery heartbreak compounded I literally cannotArticulate depression What the fuck’s wrong with my brainFeels like life…

Dawn Haiku

First week of autumnDesperate for a long hikeHurry up, sun, rise This haiku kind of just popped in to my head right now, as I am waiting for the sun to rise so I can go hiking.

Joseph’s Star

A Joseph’s Star poem written for Murisopsis’ My Name Poetry Scavenger Hunt Quesadilla GratePile of cheeseGet salsas readyRemove chicken from crock-potAssemble ingredientsHeat the tortillaPlate it upEatMineIs spicyNot just the salsaMy secret ingredientsJalapeno pepper jackChipotle chickenSrirachaLime

The Anna

Trees Turned us intoAncient damaged redwoodsSet us aflame during a droughtFire resistance aged our youthful faces My love for him still evergreenAlthough he cut us downThe fall brings peace The Anna was a bit of a challenge to write 🙂 Post written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge-Trees and My Name Poetry Scavenger Hunt All photos…


September in California Fires lit my dreamsWoke to caramel skiesForesthill, Yosemite, WeedSmoke surrounds usCan’t breathe A Marianne poem for Murisopsis’ My Name Scavenger Hunt.


Afternoon Delight AlmondRocherMacaronDippedIce cream sandwichFrozen MidtownSacGingerElizabethChocolate shopHeaven My first attempt at a Golda poem. Inspired by the Almond Rocher Macaron ice cream sandwich by Ginger Elizabeth. Written for My Name Poetry Scavenger Hunt’: “10. Write a Golda poem or incorporate the words related to gold into a poem.”

Prose Poetry

I wish I could write a poem purely about my love for you, but it’s become a hard thing to do, now that you’ve stampeded my heart. Does it really make you happy to be forever far apart? Your love for me is entering a winter freeze, while mine for you is still in summer–…


Drowning Let’s try approaching it from a different angle. I remember love, before love turned my real life story into something that is indecent to write down. Once upon a time, love murdered me. He grabbed me from my vibrant life, and ripped me apart at the seams. Once I was split, he tried to…