Birthing Poetry

Birthing Poetry When I writeEkphrastic poemsMy skull splitsEvolves wingsMarbles imaginationCements ideas Form: Shardoma. Written for Tanka Tuesday #290: Ekphrastic #tankatuesday

We Are Never Getting Back Together

Another Shadorma for Tanka Tuesday Misery Loves Company Sibling loss Unique misery Trauma bond Grief glues us Loss role played out forever Dead connection sought Unhealthy Otherworldly love All for naught Let’s cremate Resuscitation won’t breed Reincarnation

Harmless Shadorma

A Shadorma for Tanka Tuesday Harmless Am I old? It’s been twelve weeks since He touched me Late at night Slyly sneaks to dark office Screen girls are eighteen Motherhood Temple sacrificed Queen Consort Devalued Crown conceded to create Life without a king

Shadorma Tuesday

4:20a.m. What better time to write my first Shadorma. Breaking Up With Not My Boyfriend It’s overNow I won’t get toSee his blueEyes sparkleOr leave purple love bites onThe crook of his neck He’s so madSaid he’s done with meHe’ll neverTalk to meThen blocked my cell phone numberAlways stonewalling Well, you knowI’m quick to temperSo…

Lessons From Nature Haibun

Supple Opal Surrounded by supple spring hens on the first day of school, I can’t help but wonder, am I not attractive anymore? Autumn Valley hikeBarren Yosemite FallsZero water drops I walk around campus, feeling like a ghost. A stunning twenty-something-year-old is hiding behind the art building, crying on the phone. “Why am I not…


Violet diamondsConcealed costly lingerieAmethyst necklaceCandy scent couture perfumeRuby hue stiletto boots Short pink rayon skirtTriple garter thigh high socksI hope you miss thisRed lipstick, black eyelinerHeart savors your hungry stare Gaze across green grassPalpable distance betweenSecretly want youInhale blue, exhale panicCool counterfeit countenance Written for Tanka Tuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge #283: Taste the Rainbow. What…

Lantern Poems

growlhungrystomach acheswhat’s in the fridge?check lightopen doorlate night snackI deserve thisright? oatsyogurtstrawberriesblend togetherfull noiseI’m upout of bedcreep to windowpeek crashneighborseems upsetcry, yell, scream, shoutsad knockit’s meyour neighborare you okay?talk glareshe saystalk to meI’m not okaystay teacookiesconnectiontired walk down stairssleep I wrote these for today’s #tankatuesday poetry challenge by Colleen Chesebro from Word Craft Poetry. The…