Good news from school. I’m gonna go freak out now.

September Song

Summer’s over; autumn’s here; fire season’s over, and the heat wave has subsided. With the diminished risk of sunburn, I set out for a twelve mile hike around the lake– my first long hike of September, finally. Sacramento SunRaises pink and orange huesHappy hippy hike Strolling through the old olive grove, the phrase “gold country”…

Dawn Haiku

First week of autumnDesperate for a long hikeHurry up, sun, rise This haiku kind of just popped in to my head right now, as I am waiting for the sun to rise so I can go hiking.


Crimson colors in choir classSlides up red soprano mountainsGlides down their fuchsia crevasseVoice evoking colored fountainsFlooding my imaginationSoftly squeals pretty pink plateausSweet musical meditationShe screams; daydream drips wet rainbows Written for Wea’ve Written Weekly #21 by The Skeptic’s Kaddish Prompt: “Write a Dizain poem from the perspective of somebody who has synesthesia.”

That Pain

This is that pain that you can write with That pain you can change lives with The kind of pain to turn a person kind The cruel pain that can make an angel cruel The kind I can barely even see through So much power in this pain It feels more powerful than me Like…

Depressive Episode

I’m taking a mini break from writing for a few days or so. (This post doesn’t count.) I want to catch up on reading posts before writing anything substantial of my own. This might take me a few more days. If you notice me going through a bunch of your posts at once, this is…

So Spicy It’s Corny

Arizona DreamsCinnamon flashbacksTo Sunny ParisOnce upon a ThymeWe traveled with lust Sea Salt in the airEvokes SeattleGreen Goddess GardensHer Pike Place exploredMurals of Flavor Vanilla triggersMemories of touchNaked Krakow NightsCumin all overAleppo’s Pepper Written for Poetics: Spicing it Up by dVerse

Birthing Poetry

Birthing Poetry When I writeEkphrastic poemsMy skull splitsEvolves wingsMarbles imaginationCements ideas Form: Shardoma. Written for Tanka Tuesday #290: Ekphrastic #tankatuesday

Straight Talk on Suicide

I just came across the post Suicidality and Other People‚Äôs Perspective by Ashley Peterson, and have so much to say, I thought I’d better just write my own post. As someone who has been formally diagnosed with CPTSD (and a bunch of other acronyms), chronic suicidality has been a reality for me for more than…


Blatant bold-faced lie“I just need to be alone”Five minutes laterI’m flirting with someone elseThinking, he’s so hotMaking sure to play it calm(Wish I had with you)Lust punches me in the gutChased by sudden guiltTelling myself it’s okayI’m sure you’ve moved onPerhaps this firefighterCan help me get over you This was originally going to be my…